Deferred fee arrangements for eligible founders and startups

Deferred Legal Fees for Startups

In an effort to reduce the financial burden of legal fees for early growth companies, Fisher Hudson Brown Horton is offering a limited opportunity to defer legal fees incurred in 2022 for new startups and founders.

Our standard retainer requirement and payment obligations will be waived until 2023 for Eligible Clients.*

This means that Eligible Clients will be able to retain our law firm for legal services and pay nothing until 2023. In addition, we will also be waiving interest on any fees incurred in 2022.

Legal services offered to Eligible Clients includes any of the following services:

  • Delaware incorporation and founder stock issuance
  • Confidentiality Agreement/NDA formation
  • Term sheet, SAFE, and convertible note review
  • Commercial and privacy contract creation including Terms of Services, Privacy Polices, DMCA compliance, and Terms of Use.
  • Trademark applications
  • Unlimited legal guidance on any fundraising, intellectual property, and commercial relationships

Please contact our office to learn more about this limited opportunity.

*Eligible Clients are considered either 1) an individual seeking to create a new corporate entity in 2022 or 2) a corporate entity created in the past 20 months (after December 31st 2020). Eligible Clients must also co-guarantee payment of any legal services in a personal capacity.