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Estate Planning Services

At Fisher Hudson Brown Horton, we understand that your family and your estate are unique. Our attorneys will help you provide a road map for how your wishes should be carried out both during your lifetime and in the future. We gather information about your family, assets and your wishes and intent, in order to make informed and appropriate recommendations for a plan that best achieves your goals. In many cases, at the initial consultation we can quote a flat fee for preparing your estate planning documents so you know in advance how much our services will cost. We communicate in a conversational manner so that clients and potential clients who haven’t been legally trained can understand what will happen in their estate plan.

Fisher Hudson Brown Horton can assist you in the preparation of wills, living wills, power of attorneys and a variety of trusts including, living trusts, testamentary trusts, minor trusts, educational trusts, spendthrift trusts, and more.