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Local Counsel

Fisher Hudson Brown Horton attorneys have the expertise and the resources to assist other counsel with appeals, significant cases and, when needed, serve as local counsel. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating cases in Idaho and we can advise clients and counsel about the nuances of Idaho civil procedure as well as our experience with specific Idaho judges.

We are incredibly flexible as our team can quickly assemble to assist at any stage in the proceedings. Based on the preferences of the client and counsel, we can take on as expansive or as limited a role as needed, ranging from providing secretarial support and office space to researching and arguing motions to participating in trial. Please contact Fisher Hudson Brown Horton at 208.345.7000 if you need to associate with counsel in Idaho and want the quality of a large firm provided by a small, responsive, service-oriented law firm. Fisher Hudson Brown Horton is your best case scenario.

Significant Cases

We have experience representing clients in significant cases, including: employment class actions, prisoner rights, and wrongful death and serious injury cases resulting from accidents or malpractice. We have the resources, experience and skills to assist other attorneys that have large cases which may need more staffing, administration, financing or presence. If you would like to associate with Fisher Hudson Brown Horton to assist you with a significant case, please contact us at 208.345.7000.

Local Counsel

Our firm is very comfortable with the local counsel relationship and we work with attorneys throughout the country in both roles. Our attorneys and staff are flexible enough to provide differing levels of assistance and, in most cases we can quickly staff important, pressing cases. Please contact us at 208.345.7000 to learn how we can assist as local counsel.