Deferred fee arrangements for eligible founders and startups

Startups and emerging growth companies

Fisher Hudson Brown Horton’s Boise and San Francisco attorneys represent both startups and other emerging growth companies. Our attorneys assist with business formation guidance, equity sharing agreements, seed funding, and all types of necessary contracts. Fisher Hudson Brown Horton offers legal counsel to emerging companies from initial start-up through the various stages of financing.

We provide legal advice to both Idaho and California startups from formation through exit. Services for startups include: venture capital financing, angel investment funding, trademarks, licensing, contract formation, seed funding, equity splitting, entity selection, and both founder and employee agreements.

We offer legal advice to Idaho and California startups at every stage, including preseed and seed term sheet negotiation. Our attorneys have experience negotiating important term sheet provisions such as preferred and non-preferred preferences, vesting schedules, pre-money & post-money valuations, option pools, and board of director composition.

Our attorneys also have experience drafting corporate by-laws, articles of incorporation, charters, preferred stock agreements, founders stock agreement, and cap table modeling. We understand venture capitalism and what motivates VCs when negotiating funding rounds. Our attorneys have experience working with Silicon Valley venture firms and our network expands beyond Idaho into the San Francisco Bay Area, Boulder Colorado, and other emerging startup ecosystems. By hiring our firm to represent your startup or founders, you gain access to an international network of startup providers. Our attorneys offer more than legal guidance – we can help growing companies tap into valuable network of consultants and capital resources in Idaho and beyond.

We also guide small businesses who are not on a startup track, and represent local companies in all types of industries. We help small businesses form LLCs, negotiate vendor contracts, draft professional service and master service agreements, write terms and conditions and privacy policies, represent employers in employment disputes, and guide businesses on breach of contract claims. Our attorneys have decades of experience solving legal problems for small businesses in industries ranging from transportation, food service, construction, film & media, entertainment, to health care and fitness.

Often small businesses discover that franchising may be a valuable alternative to expanding their brands. Our attorneys are familiar with franchise law and guiding small businesses on franchise creation, including drafting or negotiating franchise agreements and franchise disclosure documents.

If you have any questions regarding startups, small businesses, or franchises, please contact us to set up a no-cost consultation.