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Title IX

Fisher Hudson Brown Horton attorneys have experience representing educational institutions and individuals in this rapidly evolving and controversial area of the law. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding. While most well-known for creating equality in athletic opportunities at the collegiate level, Title IX also requires federally funded educational institutions at every level to respond appropriately to any form of sex-based discrimination to which they become aware. Accordingly, schools have responsibilities to develop systems and programs that allow for prompt, effective responses to all forms of sexual harassment and sexual assault, up to and including rape.

Our attorneys have experience enforcing the rights of those who encounter discrimination in the educational setting due to an institution’s failure to properly respond to reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment. We have represented students at the university level in Title IX cases.

Our attorneys can also assist individuals in Title IX retaliation cases. Retaliation occurs when a school intimidates, threatens or in any way discriminates against an individual who has brought a concern or reported a possible violation of a federal civil right. If an individual reports a possible violation of a civil right, then they are automatically protected against retaliation.

Additionally, we assist educational institutions in developing, implementing and evaluating the efficacy of their Title IX programs to ensure they are compliant. We also assist educational institutions with their responses to reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment to ensure they are timely, meaningful, and appropriate.